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By getting the design just right Architektur Homes are creating beautiful homes for smart and modern family living.


Client Feedback

We were looking for an architect to design a scheme involving the subdivision of our property, a new house for us and another house on the property, for us to sell. Scott came highly recommended by local people in the industry, as he has been involved with this type of development before. This turned out to be a godsend as we found that it takes an enormous amount of knowledge to navigate the Council’s maze of rules and regulations.

Scott also has a valuable network of engineers and consultants at hand, to work in conjunction with him, to keep the project moving. Because of the relationship Scott has with them, he is able to get prompt action and responses from them. Scott also likes to work at a fast pace, so nothing takes too long! In my experience, this is not the norm for most architects!

We are very excited by the design that Scott has come up with for us. After our initial discussions he came back with a design that was so right that it basically never changed. It did evolve with minor tweaks and further input from both us and Scott, but they were refinements only. We felt very engaged with Scott during the whole design process and now look forward to continuing that relationship as we commence the build.

We would highly recommend Scott for anyone wanting to build either their dream home or a development project. He is creative, engaging and totally committed to your project.

We have worked with Scott on two of our building projects - the first was to renovate our family home and more recently to design new beach house for our family in the Coromandel.

We were very happy with the results of both. Scott was extremely easy to communicate with throughout the entire design process, and he listens to your requirements.

Because he works on his own he is able to give the project all the attention it deserves from start to finish. We cannot speak highly enough of Scott and would definitely use him for any future projects.

Scott Fowler designed a project for me last year, being 14 studio units. At a time when architects were extremely scarce and didn't even return calls, Scott took on the project, fitted it in to his schedule and did a great job.

Having not built for 10 years, I found so many changes but Scott was on top of everything. Council is obviously the most challenging part to get through and Scott directed me through this minefield with confidence.

I used many of Scott’s professional contacts throughout the project, and this definitely make the whole process a lot smoother. Scott could apply pressure when it was needed to speed things up. I would definitely recommend Scott for any project. His knowledge, commitment and tenacity saved me time and money in a world where you definitely need the expertise.

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