Paku Drive – Tairua

A delicate glass box is shrouded by cedar verticals which filter and mitigate the effects of the elements, creating some privacy in this relatively exposed landscape. The main living area has been aligned along the length of the house, so that it takes in both aspects unique to this site.

The open end of the house, faces the beach and allows unobstructed views & spatial flow. The large ‘pontoon’ deck situated on the beach side is connected to the house by a floating bridge.

From the beach, the dune line is unspoiled and naturally conceals the house from public view. The front of the house hovers above the terrain below. The elevation from here affords views across the Tairua estuary to the ranges beyond.

In contrast to the rectilinear exterior, a circular theme has been used internally. The centre of the living space is indicated by a circular lighting recess, a clear skydome above a spiral staircase enclosed at the lower garage level by a cylindrical wall of cedar slats.

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