Hot Design – Bach Facade

An inspired light box in the Coromandel

Three words describe this Tairua beach house: impossible to miss. A collaboration between Morgan Cronin, who owns the house and Scott Fowler of Architektur, it is inspired by American beach houses of the 1950’s and although notable for a striking attention to detail, it is much at ease in its Coromandel surrounds. The design is daring in the of light, vertical cedar slats shroud an almost completely glass walled box containing the one level living of three bedrooms, two decks and lounge, plus the kitchen and bathroom combinations which won Cronin Kitchens the Kitchen and Bathroom Designer of the Year awards NKBA Kitchen and Bathroom Awards 2005. The concept was a simple floating box with the main living areas aligned along the length of the house and unobstructed views and flow inside and out says Cronin.

From the south facing deck, which is cantilevered over the houses main access, the view takes in the Tairua estuary and ranges beyond. The opposite side offers direct flow onto the sand dunes from the open pontoon-like deck. Looking back up from the beach, the dune line is unspoilt and conceals the house from view. Cronin says the beach house has become an extension of Auckland life for his family and is ‘home’ on weekends. American ash floors and panels contrast the cedar exterior; while recessed lighting around the perimeters of the rooms, as well as the under-lit kitchen counters embrace the floating theme.

Cronin and Fowler have worked together on client projects in the past and Cronin wanted the architectural designer he worked with to respect and enhance his own ideas. He presented Fowler with an advanced conceptual brief that was realised with the help of builder John Cox and lighting designer Alvaro Calderon. Fowler says the best part of being involved was having a client with great concepts and design instincts as well as an uncompromising dedication to detail and quality.

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